About Me

Hello! My name is Kelsey Corr and I am a Sophomore at CMU. I graduated from Livonia Stevenson High School in June of 2016. As soon as I toured Central Michigan University’s campus, I knew it was the school for me. I am currently taking classes to become a Registered Dietician, and I couldn’t be more excited!¬†I am also a health and wellness coach for Herbalife, and I make meal plans and workout plans customized to each client I have. I am super passionate about everything health and fitness, and love helping others with their health journeys! I absolutely adore my friends and family, and I love meeting new people and making new connections. If there is anything you need to know about me, it is that I have a major obsession with music. I love singing and dancing, and there is never a time I’m not laughing. I truly believe that living positively is the best way to live, and finding the good in everything/everyone is the best thing you can do. Some of my favorite things to do are going on¬†adventures, exploring outside, taking photos, and making videos. Welcome to my blog!