Student: I am a full time student at CMU. I am so excited to be studying Dietetics, and I spend most of my day doing schoolwork and researching things related to nutrition.

LAS Scholar: I have the privilege to be a part of LAS, and I am currently taking classes to complete the protocol.

SAVV (Student Advocates for Vegetarian/Veganism): SAVV meets every other Thursday evening to discuss the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, and to plan events to inform students and the community about the many different ways to get started on the veggie journey!

A Letter For Better: ALFB meets every other Wednesday evening to spread positivity to students on campus by writing letters and little notes and doing random acts of kindness.

Film Society: Film Society meets on Monday evening to discuss the study of films, short films, and the production of videos and movies.

Yogi: I take hot vinyasa yoga classes whenever possible. Vinyasa classes are amazing workouts, and they make me feel on top of the world. I absolutely love meditating and taking time out of my day to focus on me and destress.

Photo credit to the SAVV Facebook page