Student: I am a full time student at CMU. I am so excited to be studying Dietetics, and I spend most of my day doing schoolwork and researching things related to nutrition.

LAS Scholar: I have the privilege to be a part of LAS, and I am currently taking classes to complete the protocol.

FAMD (Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design): FAMD is an RSO that meets every other Tuesday night. There is usually a guest speaker from the fashion industry that comes in and presents at every meeting. We talk about the Threads fashion show that we are putting on in April, organize socials that we have coming up, and learn about opportunities to get us members involved in the fashion world.

HATS (Humane Animal Treatment Society) Volunteer: HATS is an animals shelter that helps out little fellas by giving them a home and food/water until they find a new home. When I volunteer, I go to the shelter to walk the dogs and play with them for a few hours.

Yogi: I take hot vinyasa yoga classes whenever possible. Vinyasa classes are amazing workouts, and they make me feel on top of the world. I absolutely love meditating and taking time out of my day to focus on me and destress.

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