My silly 2016 cohort!

The Leader Advancement Scholarship is an amazing scholarship awarded to seniors in high school who have shown outstanding leadership skills in their communities and schools. Once awarded the LAS scholarship, you are given a mentor to help answer any questions you have, you are placed in the leadership classes offered at CMU, you live with your cohort in Barnes Hall, and you and your cohort work together to demonstrate leadership abilities and become the best leader you all can be. LAS offers incredible opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone and truly show your passion for leadership. Originally, I was not one of the chosen students to receive the scholarship. I emailed (the one and only) Dan Gaken and spoke with him during my orientation for CMU in the summer about taking the leadership classes and participating in the events, because leadership is truly a passion of mine. Around a week or so after meeting with Dan, he  called me on the phone and offered me the scholarship- I was absolutely ecstatic and accepted it right away. I was given a warm welcome to the cohort and I felt so comfortable around my new “family”. LAS has changed my life and I feel truly blessed to be a part of this amazing program- I will never be able to express how incredibly grateful I am to have been given the opportunity to join LAS!

Check out the awesome LAS video below!