Leadership Development

A Letter for Better

Because one of my favorite things to do is promote positivity and spread little random acts of kindness, I was so excited to join the amazing RSO on campus called A Letter for Better.

A Letter for Better is a student organization on campus that meets and writes handwritten letters and notes to organizations in hopes of spreading kindness. I absolutely love going to the meetings and chatting with other people while designing letters. We usually start the meeting off with an icebreaker or a small activity to get everyone pumped up to write letters. We then learn about the cause or the group of individuals we are going to be writing to, and write to them.

Over the past year, we have written letters to nursing homes, breast cancer survivors, veterans, CMU’s Alternative Breaks program, CMU’s counseling center, and more. It feels incredible to know you’re brightening up someone’s day just by writing a note to them, especially if you’ve never even met them. You don’t always have to know the person to reach out to them and make their day.

As my college career continues, I am excited to serve on e-board as the Activities and Logistics chair and work with 5 other amazing girls. I love getting people to interact with one another, so I am extremely excited to plan games and different activities for us to do to get to know one another. My “why” statement in life is to inspire others to promote positivity and live fearlessly, and this club goes hand-in-hand with everything I want to do. It is so important to spread kindness, especially because you never know what someone could be going through or dealing with. A Letter for Better is such an incredible club, and it truly warms my heart that so many people are willing to take time out of their days to brighten someone else’s.


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